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In addition to the violent, professional and opportunistic types of criminals there are two additional types of individuals you may run into that are worth mentioning; and in both cases the meeting is premeditated, however the crime (if it occurs) is not.

Obsessed Individuals

• Individual has specifically targeted you as a result of an obsession
• Is likely having fantasies about you, typically romantic in nature
• Will typically exhibit stalking behavior
• Fantasizing about you and stalking you provides a “high”, meeting you takes the “high” to the next level.
• Will likely come across as more interested in you than the property

Social Outcast

• Individual has chosen you at random
• Social interaction is the motivation for the meeting
• Will likely be socially awkward
• The meeting will likely be uncomfortable, but appropriate
• Very rarely results in any type of crime

What is the timeline of a crime?

If you understand all the steps involved in the timeline of a crime then you can take steps to deter or prevent the crime from happening in the first place.

o Initial Focus
o Superficial research
o Personal research
o Fantasy
o Choose a site
o Devise a plan and isolate victim
o Stage setting